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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Why did the caterpillar cross the road?

... to bemuse a moth recorder.

Whilst driving along the back lanes from Brechfa to Cross Hands and back I saw 7 identical-looking dark, hairy caterpillars cross the road (Felingwm, Nantgaredig, Maesybont, Dryslwyn x2, Pantglas x2).  I stopped for one and would normally have IDed it as a Garden Tiger, but we're in the peak of GT's flight season so it seemed a bit odd having large larvae of that species scurrying around.  Is the poor (I-Pod) photo confirmable?

Maggie James' suggestion of Fox Moth makes a lot of sense, and mine did have orange patches on its back.  But I'm now bemused at seeing Fox Moth in 6 such very ordinary places.  Its recorded distribution to 2013 in inland Carms is rather upland (map below).


  1. Looks like it lacks the long white hairs of Garden Tiger.

    Could it be Muslin Moth or White Ermine? There are some dark examples shown on

  2. Pretty sure the hairs are too long for Fox...I think it must be an arctiid.


  3. There have been several similar hairy jobs crawling around in my garden this week. They were quite small - not much more than 1" long - and had a pale yellow dorsal stripe. I assumed that they were from the Ermine family.