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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tawny Speckled Pug

On a window of the house tonight. A first for Cwmllwyd and for me. Please excuse the dreadful photo - I will change it if I can get a better one in daylight.

Not much better: a difficult moth to photograph, I think.


  1. I put the pug in a small perspex box (looks as though you've got one in the top photo, Steve) and wait for it to settle in a normal resting position on either the top or bottom surface (sometimes it's quite a long wait!), then carefully remove the lid and photograph the moth. This provides an opportunity to put a ruler or suchlike under the box to show the size of the moth, which I guess is important with some species - not distinctive ones like your Tawny Speckled though.

  2. Thanks for that, Chris. I do much the same - the moth is in a collecting box in both pics, but it was very active, so both are grab shots. It was, of course, released safely.