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Monday, 18 August 2014

Tair Cairn Isaf

On Saturday I went looking (unsuccessfully) for red grouse on the heather-covered southern slopes of Tair Cairn Isaf between Llandeilo and Glanamman. There were a couple of migrant moths seen: silver Y and rush veneer as well as the (at least partially) migratory hoverfly Scaeva pyrasti. There were a couple of micros that I managed to photograph and would like a bit of help with please:
Agriphila tristella? Confused about the differences between this and A.selasella

I believe these are Cochylis sp. but is it possible to id them to species from photographs?


  1. A. tristella and Eupoecilia angustana (check if it's the Heather-munching var. - I presume so?)

  2. I believe that I also had `the heather-muncher` variety f.fasciella in the Cwm Pysgotwr uplands `n` weeks`s illustrated on p233 of the Sterling et al guide Vaughn.

  3. Thanks Ian, that seems to be the one

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