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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Some more queries from a `micro-novice`

Please see below some queries as to the identification of recently caught micros- please determine/correct/confirm. As always, click on numbered pics to enlarge.

                             1. Above: Mompha sp. - lacteella or propinquella? Tyrwaun, 3.7.14.
                                         2. Above: another view of 1 above.
                                          3. Above: Blastobasis lignea? Tyrwaun, 3.8.14.
                                         4. Above: Trachycera advenella. Tyrwaun, 3.8.14
                             5. Above: well-marked, but I can`t seem to find a match for this one!


  1. 1 and 2 look like propinquella (white head and thorax).
    3 yes (now B. adustella)
    4 yes
    5. Looks like Cydia ulicetana. Some Dichrorampha have similar markings but they have long palps.

  2. Thanks once more George -appreciated.

  3. Have just realised that this is the same as C.succedana...silly me - still learning! I`ll remember next time!