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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Poor trap results...

My planned moth trapping is much-delayed by these cold NW winds (which are also affecting daytime mothing in exposed places). I tried two traps (one MV, one actinic) at home last night, as some cloud was forecast, but the results were poor, with just 15 species or so, in very low numbers - not worth the effort. A single small rivulet offered a little interest.
A Phycitodes was also in the trap - binaevella? (as also caught by Mel at Llansteffan recently) and an unwelcome moth (this time, inside, on the bedroom window) was the `case-bearing clothes moth` Tinea pellionella.
A micro spotted yesterday afternoon whilst on a quick `blackberry recce` was the little black and white Grapholita compositella on rough, brownfield vegetation at Burry Port.

                                         Above: P. binaevella?

                                         Above: Tinea pellionella?

At the latter Burry Port site, I examined some swathes of bladder campion, noting that the seed capsules had emergent holes (most of them, in fact); I also found the caterpillar (one of many) shown below - any suggestions as to species please? of the marbled coronet/tawny shears gang perhaps?


  1. Keep looking on the Bladder Campion Ian - you may find the Coleophora silenella, which (to my knowledge) is only known from one other Welsh location, and that is a threatened brown field site. Unfortunately the damage you have there is inconclusive as Hadenine noctuids like the Lychnis and the Campion will do this.

  2. Many thanks again for advice and comments Dave. I`ll have a re-check for that Coleophora....I remember your note about it (threatened by Cardiff heliport or similar) in the Glam Moth Gp Newsletter.