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Friday, 1 August 2014

Painted Lady Butterfly

 Seen a couple of Painted Ladies recently. There was one on the Buddleia bush outside the Stag at Five Roads which stayed there for about 4 days and another at Cynheidre which I saw on Wednesday.

Julian Friese and I also saw a polecat on Monday near Cwrt Henri, jumped out of the hedge just in front of us as we driving along a narrow lane. Seemed to be carrying a Kit in its mouth.

Have also added the Ermine Key that Barry mentioned to our resources page.


  1. Hi Colin - coiuld you submit your polecat record to VWT's national polecat survey:
    Cheers Isabel

  2. Thanks Isabel. I've already dropped them a note with the grid ref etc (SN 54309 24193). Had an acknowledgement back from a Lizzie Cooze.
    Best wishes.

  3. Incidentally, I`ve seen polecats at Five running across the road ( late1980s) and one to the SW near Gelli Fawr (mid 1970s).