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Monday, 4 August 2014

Only the regulars called last night...

Last night (3/8/14) at Pwll only yielded a rather unexciting catch, with typical August regulars -and no migrants - being caught. About 35 macro species were present, some in reasonable numbers (eg 14 sharp-angled peacocks), and with also lime-speck pug (x3), cabbage (x1), latticed heath (x2) and a gothic (x1) in the haul. Two male four-spotted footmen also turned up: they are a regular late summer feature of my home traps.

                                         Above: a gothic.

                                        Above: latticed heath, a wanderer from nearby grassland.

Above: pebble hook-tip, one of the many moths that were feasting on the melliferous tassels of Itea ilicifolia last night. The value of this shrub for moths has been a bit of a revelation for me this year - a natural `sugaring point`.

Above: sharp-angled peacock, perched on an adjacent Mt Etna broom: good numbers were trapped last night.

I`ve also got a few micros to look at....

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