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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Not much to show for the effort....

 I put out five traps last night, but the results were rather poor. The traps were located in my Pwll garden (2), on the coast east of Burry Port (2) and a disused quarry at Furnace, Llanelli. Just modest numbers and a limited variety of mostly common species, with migrants represented by rusty-dot pearls in two traps and a solitary silver y.

                                    Above: August thorn - caught at Pwll and Furnace Quarry.

                                         Above: dusky thorn, at Pwll.

Above: among the small numbers of micros was this one (click on photo to enlarge). Is it the tortricid Lathronympha strigana? Please confirm or correct - thanks.


  1. Hi Ian, I'm no expert but I'd agree with that id - i caught one at Parc Slip last night too