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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Imperfect mothing conditions at Pwll...

Put out a trap at home last night (30/8) but rather low moth variety - just a dozen macro species, including swallow prominent, black arches, sallow kitten, gold spot and light emerald (latter x5). None of the autumn `sallow gang` yet.
Among the few micros were the two below (confirmation or corrections appreciated please):

                                         Above: believed to be Epinotia ramella, a birch-feeder.

                       Above: is this just a brightly-coloured Timothy tortrix Aphelia paleana?

Visited a small raised bog near Hendy (SN50) yesterday afternoon, in the hope of replicating the records made at Llyn Llech Owain a couple of days ago, but none were found, in spite of much sweeping and beating of heather.


  1. Ian - you lucky man - that's a Cream-bordered Green Pea!

  2. Brilliant - thanks George! ...about time that I had a new moth. No wonder I could n`t find a really satisfactory `fit` among the torts! A `macro masquerading as a tortricid` has happened to me before (and ignoring the oak nycteoline mis-ids), when I had a rosy marbled a few years back - Jon Baker`s eyes popped out when I asked him what was my puzzling tortricid!
    I`ve actually targeted cream-bordered green pea in the large areas of various Salix plantings in the adjacent Millennium Coastal Park, but obviously previously failed. Sam has had this species once in Pembs.

  3. First for the County, isn't it?

  4. Fantastic result, Ian - you must be in seventh heaven now! Good job George was on line (LOL)!

  5. Very nice Ian! Definitely worth setting the trap still!