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Sunday, 31 August 2014

End of Summer at Cwmllwyd.

It was a cold night again, but as it was the last chance for me to trap during August, I decided to try. Soon after dark, there were pipistrelles overhead, so I guessed there must be a few moths about. I checked again at 23:00 and having examined some of the egg trays around the trap, I glanced up and saw a tawny owl on a low branch of an alder, about 5 metres away, watching me. As soon as I looked directly at it the owl flew off. During the night there was some light rain; by dawn, the egg trays were soaking wet and almost all moths outside the trap had absconded. The inside of the trap remained dry, but the reduced catch only amounted to 72 moths of 20 species. Even so, I was pleased to see the following:

FFYs - one Centre-barred Sallow and seven Feathered Gothics;

 Second Dark Sword-grass of 2014;

A strikingly marked Common Marbled Carpet (in that it is almost monochrome), with a much more frequent form for comparison;

Micros included : Pandemis corylana; 

 Acleris laterana (edited);

Agonopterix heracliana.
Please feel free to correct any errors!


  1. I think that's a form of Acleris laterana. It comes in three forms and its a shame the book only shows one. I won't be accepting any A comariana from 35 or 44 without photos as I think there are a lot of errors coming from the new book.

  2. I'm happy to accept your ruling, Sam, although it does look rather similar to Ian Kimber's pic on UK Moths. Unfortunately, I don't have all the MBGBI volumes; only the Harley Books editions (that dates me, doesn't it?). Tortricids are in a later edition: great excuse for continually getting things wrong, though!

  3. I'm wary of accepting records of comariana even from photos.