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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Clouded Yellows and Marsh Frits

Friday before last (15th), I came across a single Clouded Yellow just on NPT side of Gors in Cwmgors, but it was heading into Carms. Mike Harrington mentioned to me finding Clouded Yellows in Llanllwni recently.
The 6 Marsh Fritillary webs encountered behind Pony Club in Cwmgors (just on Carms side) were something of a brown mess enclosing transparent to pale brown caterpillars sill tucked up inside after heavy rain, the previous day (Thursday 24th). 2 more webs in a field by old railway, a km or so to north, looked similar. Not all Devil's Bit Scabious is in flower yet, with at least a third still in bud.
As mentioned to some by e-mail last week, if anyone wants to help with larval web counts in the county, let me know, with your plans or site details please. We hope to get a group together week commencing 17th September to search Caeau Ffos Fach/Median Farm reserve in Cross Hands.

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