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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Another New Beastie

When I first developed an interest in moths as a teenager, the art master at my school used to save any moth that entered his study during the evening and greet me in the morning with the words "I've got another beastie for you".  I still correspond with the master in question, who's well into his 90s and celebrated locally in the East Midlands as an artist and poet.
Last night my two actinic traps became sparsely populated with mostly common species.  The two worthy of mention are:

 Ringed China-mark

Scalloped Hook-tip

The arrival of the latter species was particularly pleasing because I hadn't seen it before.  This is perhaps a little surprising because it seems to be quite common in the County.
Sadly there was no re-appearance of my 'Mystery Moth' from earlier in the week.  Apparently I'm not the only one who's mystified by it since there's been no response to my plea for suggestions as to its identity!

P.S.  I'm adding a couple of other photos of said moth in the forlorn hope that they might trigger something.


  1. Well done on the Scalloped Hooktip. Not common, just widely scattered and seldom more than one a night.

    The rather featureless noctuid didn't really make a tempting subject for ID guesses! A public forum is a very open place. It didn't really shout anything, though Mottled Rustic was my first at a glance thought. Carefully working through books with the actual moth in one's hand might lead to an ID, but the chances of getting something conclusive from a photo are rather slim. It's the same with many Pugs...

  2. I take your point about the unidentified moth, Sam, it just seemed that the combination of the features that are visible in the photo - thick-set, pale thorax with dark fringe, mottled light/dark brown colour of forewing - didn't seem to sit comfortably with any species that I could think of. Never mind, I didn't retain the moth, which in retrospect I should have done.

  3. I had another look and still can't work it out. Did wonder about Suspected, Small Square-spot and Mottled Rustic, but nothing seems perfect

  4. It's lost a lot of scales, hence the orange patches. My first thought was also Mottled Rustic, but I agree with Sam that it is probably best forgotten about!