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Saturday, 12 July 2014

"What a diff'rence a day makes....." Cwmllwyd, as I'm sure Dinah Washington would be happy to agree. Following my fairly dismal performance on Banc y Cerrig pwdron, I put the MV trap in the alder grove at home last night and was rewarded with 221 moths of 57 species. I was pleased to see both Fan Foot and Small Fan Foot, which were both FFY. Other firsts for 2014 were Sandy Carpet, Small Rivulet, Swallowtail, Large Emerald, Early Thorn and Clay, while Mottled Pug was new to the site and, indeed, to me. There were 12 of those Carms specials; the Double Line. I was lucky to find a pair of Spectacles in the depths of the trap: that may save me a few quid at VisionExpress!


Sandy Carpet

Among the micros was this rather pretty Large Fruit-tree Tortrix

Swallowtail Moth.


  1. Dai Stacey had some spectacles with his privet hawk-moth too....see his photo!
    Well done Steve....I was just too tired last night after a day of heavy duty shrub and tree clearance.