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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Trespassing into Morgan-land

While Ian was out in Steve's patch on the Black Mountain, I sneaked into his part of the county en route back from a meeting.  This produced 12 species of Micro including 7 new for SN50.  They were all pretty obscure things, including leaf miners, a Gelechid and a member of the Batrachedridae, and all are most easily found by diurnal beating rather than nocturnal trapping.  They included the madly long-winged Perinephela lancealis, the madly narrow-winged Batrachedra praeangusta, and the madly obscure Gelechia sororculella (these last two are easily 'swept' from Willow trunks in wet woodland.



  1. I was waiting for a counter-invasion! Remember though that `Morgan -land` (Glamorgan) also extends to the borders of Mons, so watch out!
    All useful records, esp the micros which are poorly recorded in SN50.

  2. Should have said, these were from north end of Lower Lliedi Reservoir. Not somewhere I'd want to trap as I expect the carpark is quite busy nocturnally.