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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The trap that almost got away...

Even at 5:00 a.m. this morning it was so warm that bees were on the wing and the moths were leaving the trap as fast as I could ID them. I recorded 44 species but probably missed at least 10-15 more as numerous waves, carpets and micros headed off. how Barry coped with four full traps I can't imagine.

Anyway a first for me was a faded small elephant hawk moth:

and FFY - oak hook-tip, gold spot, antler, drinker and what I think is a dark barred twinspot carpet (?):

As for micros I've still some photos to go through but I think this is a garden pebble that i've not recorded before:

Is this a blurred Mompha propinquella or something close?

there are more but I'll have a go again at trying to ID them from the photos I took!


  1. Those IDs all look fine to me Isabel.


  2. There`s lady`s bedstraw (the food-plant) growing on the steeper slopes or other unimproved grasslands on the edge of Mynydd Mallaen near Cilycwm, so your record is probably of a local moth rather than a wanderer.