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Friday, 11 July 2014

The land of the True Lover's Knot.

I left the actinic trap at the 500 metre (1640 feet) contour on Banc y Cerrig pwdron last nght. This is in SN71 (SN715182) on Mynnyd Du. I must admit to being a little disappointed this morning to find only four species in and around the trap. 18 True Lover's Knot(s), along with Dark Arches, Ingrailed Clay and a solitary Antler Moth made up the entire catch. Beautiful morning, though, provided a good deal of compensation for my efforts.

 The land of the True Lover's Knot
From Banc y Cerrig pwdron (translation, Ian?) looking west towards the Tair Carn ridge.

Looking down to Gwynfe (The White Plain?) at about 6.00 a.m.: a late start, I know, but this is not the place to go solo in the dark!


  1. Nice habitat shots Steve! Banc y Cerrig pwdron = `Bank of the rotten rocks` in the sense that the rocks are friable; `pydru` is the verb `to rot`.
    Yes, Gwynfe is white/pale plain; `fai` = plain, with it being pronounced as `fe` in the South Wales dialects. There`s a `Penyfai` (`end/top of the plain`) here in Llanelli.
    I don`t think that the weather was really all that great for trapping last night - Pwll was disappointing too. Tonight looks the same....nice to have a rest though!

  2. I think you might get more by tucking that Heath trap in among rocks. I find they seldom work particularly well under and open sky, especially when it's clear. MV is really better for open ground; actinic for sites with a canopy.

  3. Thanks, both, for the helpful comments - much appreciated.