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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Salem (moths galore indeed...)

As Ian said, it was a productive night for moths - I set my home trap for the first time in a couple of months and ended up with over 600 identified moths of more than 100 species (I'm afraid I had to ignore many scoparines and grass moths) - not quite up to Barry's efforts but enough to keep me busy for hours! Worth getting up at 4:30 to beat the birds though as it took me 2 hours to sort the moths around the trap before i'd even touched the trap itself. Highlights for me were a couple of migrants: dark sword-grass and diamond-back moth and some good macros including magpie (17), ruby tiger (31), gold spangle, plain golden Y, large emerald, chinese character, campion, black arches, slender brindle, knot grass and double kidney. The trap was dominated by dingy footman (85+) and large yellow underwing (51) but they were joined by a selection of other yellow underwings (least, lesser, lesser broad-bordered and most impressive was a solitary broad-bordered yellow underwing).

There were some nice micros too including Carcina quercana, ringed china-mark, Argyresthia goedartella, Hypatima rhomboidella and Pammene aurana. Unfortunately there were also a few I need help/confirmation with please:
1. Lesser cream wave?
2. Acleris emargana?
3. Acrobasis (Trachycera) advenella?

4. Aspilapteryx tringipennella?

5. No idea - Epinotia sp.??
6. Ermine sp.

7. Not sure
8. Not sure

9. Not sure
10. Platyptilia ochrodactyla??

Now off for a lie down - I don't know how you do this day after day Ian - twice a week is about all i can manage...


  1. 1. yes Lesser Cream Wave
    2. almost certainly emargana but it's rather plain and shallow-notched so could conceivably be effractana (but could only confirm by dissection)
    3. yes advenella
    4. yes tringipenella
    5. worn Rhopobota naevana
    6. Y evonymella (lots of dots)
    7. Batrachedra praeangusta
    8. too worn
    9. a worn swammerdamia group, probably S lutarea
    10. isodactylus (very nice!!)

  2. I`m perking up again Vaughn! (it`s 8.30pm)....I think that I`m modifying my circadian rhythm; crepuscular now but aiming for nocturnal!
    Actually my brain was `gonners` today....all you would have got out of me was a blank gaze and an inane smile (bit like Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame). The heat did n`t help too.
    I`ve just put out one of the mains home actinics....I`d kick myself if any good migrant would overshoot and end up inland again!
    I`ll be blogging tomorrow...

  3. Thanks very much for the ids Sam - the plume actually escaped but i just happened to see it again resting on my chair - glad I did now!