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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Possible rarity?

This small wave moth was  in my MV trap this morning.  It was about 10mm  , the picture being taken in the egg box.  Being such a warm morning it then flew off before I could bottle it . I have tentatively identified it as Treble Brown Spot  Idaea trigeminata   which appears to be pretty scarce and not on the county list.


  1. I think I'd probably put it down as a single-dotted wave I'm afraid but I'll let others who know better confirm or deny that!

  2. Single-dotted Wave was my first thought too. I used to see Treble Brown Spot quite often in Mons and they are more distinctly marked than this. I have no doubt that a really distinctive county first will come your way soon though Dai.

  3. Thanks for that. I will put it down as a Single Dotted Wave in my records.
    Off to Bardsey Island / Ynys Enlli tomorrow hoping to see Thrift Clearwing which is regular there.