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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pontnewydd - in the Lower Gwendraeth Valley

As well as the home trap (see later), I trapped at Pontnewydd near Kidwelly last night, targeting an area of reed sweet-grass Glyceria maxima fen and adjacent wet carr. I had fair success, but failed to find my target species - double lobed (which feeds on reed sweet-grass) and which ought to be in double figures at this trap site.
                                         Above: the Glyceria fen and the trap ready in place.
Above: the Gwendraeth Fawr, where I surprised a passage green sandpiper early this morning.

Moths caught include oblique striped, rosy rustic, small wainscot, shoulder-striped wainscot.

                                          Above: double kidney -several were caught.

Above: this moth is troubling me - dusky brocade or confused. I think the former, but would like to be wrong! Any advice please? Side view below...

                                         Above: oblique striped; again, several were caught.

                                         Above: blue-bordered carpet.

                                  Above: small wainscot, seen in both its rufous and pale forms.

At the Tyrwaun, Pwll home trap, again good numbers of moths were present, with lots of black arches, yellow-tails and more double kidneys. There was  a single silky wainscot and several small China-marks in the trap (from nearby marshland) and another male four-spotted footman also present.

Above: don`t worry, it`s not war!`s a fascimile that appeared last week. One of last week`s four-spotted footmen; another was caught last night....or did I catch it in 1914?

                                         Above: small China-mark Cataclysta lemnata.

Above: can anyone suggest the identity of this small pug, caught at Tyrwaun please?

The night-time weather continues to be suitable for, give it a go!


  1. The mystery brocade looks suspiciously like a Common Rustic agg. and the pug looks like a Greeny

  2. Thanks Barry...I thought it looked a little large for common rustic, but looking at its general shape now, it has the vaguely triangular look of the latter sp. I`ve added a side view photo above.

  3. CR agg was my first thought too.