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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Platyptilia isodactylus (belatedly)

I've just been sorting out some photos taken on 5th June during Marsh Fritillary surveys. One of them was of the plume Platyptilia isodactylus, which I'd completely forgotten I'd seen. The location was SN5508.

Platyptilia isodactylus
The moth is associated with Marsh Ragwort and I've kicked it up a couple of times in the past from horse- and cattle-grazed marshy fields which support large quantities of the plant. It is probably under-recorded as I don't think it comes to light all that well.



  1. Thanks George. There are just 3 previous Carms records, all made by Jon: from Cynheidre, Pembrey and Llyn Llech Owain.

  2. Thanks Sam. I also had one at Crwbin in 2010 but it was under a WG contract so we weren't allowed to release the records. They have now released them direct to NBN Gateway but the records haven't gone to county recorders yet (we're working on it).