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Friday, 11 July 2014

Plantlife Reserve, Cae Blaen Dyffryn

A 15 minute stop at Cae Blaen Dyffryn SSSI in SN6044 produced 14 moth species, including Argyresthia semifusca, A. pygmaeella (photo), Leucoptera laburnella, Phyllonorycter maestingella and Blastodacna hellerella new for SN64.  Also a couple of Epinotia cruciana beaten from willow (poor photo). 
Potentially more interesting was a very large noctuid caterpillar that I'm hoping is Grey Chi (a moth I've never seen as an imago), which would be only the 3rd VC record.  I've emailed a photo to George and Barry for their thoughts.

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