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Friday, 25 July 2014

Odds & ends.

Also at Nant Oesglyn (could you translate, please, Ian) on the 23rd was this Ear Moth agg. (?)

While at home today was
Acleris emargana.


  1. It`s an odd name: `nant` is obvious (stream and/or the topographical linear hollow holding it), and so is `glyn` (valley). The element `oes` in this context is strange - `oesol` can mean old/ancient, but so would all other `nentydd` in the area....therefore, not clear. I`ve just checked R. J. Thomas`s `Enwau Afonydd a Nentydd Cymru` - and nothing in there either.
    One of your earlier Mynydd Du trapping sites has an interesting name though - Pwll dudrwyth, which initially puzzled me with regard to the latter element, as `rwyth` (meander) would be irrelevant at such a site. Note the similarity of `rwyth` to `wyth` (8) incidentally....reflecting the shape of a meander.
    Back to `dudrwyth`...the first part, `du` is easy (=black or the context of `dark`), whilst `drwyth` is mutated `trwyth`, an old word that can mean an `infusion` or `urine`. The latter useful waste product was used for treating leathers and in dye mixes, so possibly the pond was used to treat leather/clothing or does the name reflect the possible darkening effect of drinking the water from the presumably peaty pond on human urine? You`ll have to experiment, Steve! If you turn black, I won`t be paying compensation!
    Have n`t started looking at last night`s moths in the fridge yet - too tired (`mothed out` in Barry Stewart`s terminology). I`d have too many of my cerebral `crossed wires` if I tried! (...such as calling Haworth`s minor, Haworth`s rustic).
    Had a particular moth (many of them, in fact) to `keep up with the Clarke`s`, though...all will be revealed when I blog, probably tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

  2. You could well be right about drinking the urine, for I already have a black heart, although I thought that was from drinking too much tea! Can't wait to see what your megamoth (behamoth, perhaps?) is- holding my breath until tomorrow!

  3. I did n`t have any `megamoth` last night, ie no great rarities, but a fair number of good records ie local/scarce species.