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Monday, 7 July 2014

NMN Micros of Uncertain Identity

Just for completeness, I'm afraid I need yet more help to identify a few micros, if it's possible to do so from my photos.  The first one I believe to be Red-barred Tortrix Ditula angustiorana:


The second I'm apprehensive about because it may turn out to be Celypha lacunana, which would mean that I've failed to recognise it again, but I was put off track by the white patch on the rear:


And then there's a final one that I really have not been able to give a tentative name:

Finally one specimen of Eudonia delunella which doesn't leave much room for doubt as to its identity.  This species does seem to be getting quite common in the County.

I manage to trap all three NMN nights, albeit under partial cover, Friday night being by far the most successful with over 150 moths of 60 spp. turning up - plus the three unknowns above!

P.S. Thank you Sam for explaining how to make the images smaller and arrange them side-by-side, thus taking up less room in the blog!


  1. I`ll have a go at the micro that you can`t name Chris....I suggest Pammene fasciana. As usual, I could well be wrong...we`ll wait for Sam!

  2. Thanks Ian, great minds think alike (or something like that!), I thought that P. fasciana might be a good possibility and looked it up on UK Moths, but still wasn't sure. Loved your Small Yellow Wave, very pretty!

  3. Yes, Pammene fasciana, Ditula angustiorana and Celypha lacunana. The last of these is a bit variable but the central pale bit really is diagnostic :-)

  4. Thank you Sam. I think that completes NMN business for me, apart from submitting the details to the relevant website. I may well do that tomorrow....