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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Nice and drizzly

The Cnwc light produced 32 species last night; an MV would have done really well.  The only slight problem was the constant drizzle, which moths love but moth traps don't.  Ali's Actinic in the garage seems the ideal solution, allowing her to trap on mothy, damp nights rather than 'safe' but less mothy nights without rain.

Anyway, nothing very exciting appeared here, but semi-interesting species were Satin Beauty, Rosy Footman, 3 Double-line, Dark Spectacle, Scallop Shell, Slender Brindle, Yellow-barred Brindle and Small Rufous.

Burnished Brass f. aurea (left) and f. juncta (right), the latter having a golden 'bridge' across the central brown band.  Judging by on-line discussions, a split into 2 species based solely on this 'bridge' is too simplistic (, but it's still worth noting which form (f. = forma) you catch. 

Zeiraphera ratzebergiana feeds on Spruce, so is regular here as we back on to the Brechfa Forest conifer plantations.

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  1. How nice to have an uncluttered garage, there's so much stuff in mine that if I put a trap in it most of the moths would be impossible to find! I have occasionally put a trap in the greenhouse and/or polytunnel, particularly early and late in the 'season' when the weather tends to be less predictable.