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Sunday, 6 July 2014

National Moth Night at Cnwc

It was so cool yesterday evening I was tempted not to trap, expecting a poor show.  In the end I ran one MV until midnight.  Things weren't particularly lively, but there was a constant trickle of moths arriving, with 49 species of Macro and 9 of Micro arriving by the time I switched off.  A Welsh Wave (photo) was star of the show, although the only new species for the garden were an Ingrailed Clay (!) and the Tortricid Eucosma hohenwartiana.  Other slightly notable species were 4 Double-line, 1 Larch Pug (photo), 2 Green Arches, 1 Grey Arches, 1 Minor Shoulder-knot & 1 Gothic.

Welsh Wave - note the black tooth marks on the outer edge of the median fascia
Larch Pug - an example of why Pug ID from photos is so tough, as this was a really well-marked individual with a very prominent white thoracic crest and nice angled wing marking, but the digital camera and white background have totally obscured the details

Eucosma cana - very common in grasslands, feeding on Knapweed & Thistles.  The light brownish patch on the dorsum (ringed) has several alternating dark & pale streaks (marked with black lines)

Eucosma hohenwartiana - fairly common in grassland, feeding on Knapweed.  The light brownish patch on the dorsum (ringed) has no streaking 

Bea, Johnny & I popped down to Pembrey today, where we found a Barred Red (photo) and a Drinker in the loo block.

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