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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nant Oesglyn 23 July 2014

SN712194 (10 Km square = SN71).

The stream was almost dry, so I utilised a gravel bar as the site for the actinic trap last night. It's a good, safe spot to leave the trap overnight - unless, of course, we have torrential rain! We didn't and I was very pleased to find 68 moths of 20 species this morning.

Looking North; downstream.

Highlights were:

Eight Grass Emeralds

Galium Carpet 

Narrow-winged Pug

Small Purple-barred

 Five Northern Rustic (two individuals + underside illustrated).

I must hasten away up the mountain again, now, to release these moths close to the trap site.


  1. Thanks very much, Barry. I missed one which flew from the outside of the trap as I approached; I think it was cloaked carpet, but I've no photo, or previous experience of the species, so I won't claim it, or record it.

  2. At least three local/scarce Carms moths there Steve....`away from home` does pay dividends!

  3. It certainly does, Ian! Makes a change for me to get lucky on the mountain!

  4. There`s some `good stuff` up there Steve!....and I`m sure that you`ll score on the late summer/early autumn upland moths too. Remember Haworth`s rustic as a possibility - I reckon that the Pant Nant Fforchog site that I mentioned the other day is a possible site, as it has plenty of cotton-grass in the flushes: it`s easy to access (next to a minor road) and a trap can be hidden overnight in a hollow. Go on!...make me jealous again, by finding one!

  5. That would certainly be exciting Ian, a species new to science! Celaena haworthii might be more likely ;-)

  6. Ian won't be happy until he discovers Morgan's Minor ;-)

  7. I saw a Morris Minor on the mountain road the other day!

  8. I meant to say Haworth`s minor! (one of my `crossed wires` again!).

  9. Super work Steve - most of the species in your photos are very localised in Carms. Maybe Ian meant Ashworth's Rustic...

  10. Many thanks, Sam. I think we all knew that the mountain was an untouched resource and that there would be some really good moths to be found. I'm just the lucky one who's close enough to give it a go.