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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

More Pug Dilemmas

Two actinic traps were positioned at opposite sides of the garden last night and the results were quite pleasing insofar as they attracted a new macro species, i.e. new to me here, namely Twin-spot Carpet:

This Footman was a bit of a surprise, too, because of its deep orange colour, but I don't believe that it can be anything other than a very vividly-coloured Buff Footman:

Finally, the 'Pug Dilemma':

 The top one has similar features to the one in the photo I posted on Saturday; Sam, there's certainly a pale spot on the thorax of this one, and I'm tending to think that this is a Larch Pug, too, unless there's any contrary view.  The other one has a series of white spots along the termen, as well as a white thoracic spot and smaller discal spots, so I'm assuming that it's a White-spotted Pug, which I've had before.


  1. I also think, that it is a bright buff`s the wrong shape (and rather late) for orange footman. I`ve had some bright buff footmen here at Pwll. The twin-spot carpet is also nice.

  2. Yes Ian, I agree, wrong time, wrong shape, and I suspect too big as well. Shame, I've not seen an Orange Footman. I'm keeping an eye on the idents of your impressive collection of micros in case any of them turn up here.

  3. Those pugs both look like the same species to me. I'd have called them both White-spotted.

    Larch is more banded and doesn't have the very distinct white spots at the fore and hindwing corners.


  4. George, you're probably right, the more I look at the first photo the more spots I can see along the termen. I'll put them both down as White-spotted.