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Friday, 25 July 2014

Micros for ID

Before I set the trap tonight I need sort out the stragglers I took photos of last week!
Help please - the Crambidae look like I should be able to ID them but I'm not sure!

Eudonia mercurella?

Bird-cherry ermine?

???? Ermine

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  1. Yes to the mercurella and Bird-cherry Ermine. The other Ermine is provisional Y padella (three members of this genus are essentially impossible, so I think it's OK to ID them on colour - greyish with grey cilia, white with grey cilia & white with white cilia - because those provisional IDs are as good are we'll ever get). There's also a Ditula angustiorana (Red-barred Tortrix). The B&W one needs more thought (and a better photo if one is available).