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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Last night at Furnace Quarry, Llanelli

I put out two actinics last night, one at Furnace Quarry and another not far away in woodland; unfortunately I did not set up the latter carefully, and the connection probably came loose. I`ve since checked the trap and battery and they are fine - so `human error`.
The quarry actinic had c 30 spp of macros and c10 of micros, but with no great surprises, just some useful records for SN50 such as black arches, July highflyer, double kidney, dun-bar and coronet; the pyralid Acrobasis consociella was the best among the micros. Not the big numbers and variety of moths caught in last week`s heat wave; it was noticeably cooler this morning.

Above: the old Pennant Sandstone quarry at Furnace, with floriferous open areas, native trees and shrubs and garden escapes such as Buddleia.

                                          Above: dun-bar.

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