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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Last Friday's trap in Cilycwm

A bit late with this but I recorded 35 species last Friday including these two looking fresh and lovely:


Large emerald

.. and managed to get a shot of a pair of plain and beautiful golden y's together:

But here are some micros that I need help with:


  Thanks  Isabel


  1. For info - for grass moths, the article `Grass Moths of Berkshire` (see resources section to right) and Jon Baker`s excellent article in the Carms Moth Gp Newsletter No 8 (July 2007) are both worth looking at and using. Likewise, Jon`s Part 2 of the same series, in Newsl No 9 (Aug 2007) is really worth studying - it covers the Scopariinae (the small black and white jobs) in an easy-to-understand but comprehensive manner.
    Not long back from collecting traps from Bynea and about to go out again shortly...must rush, will blog tonight or tomorrow.

  2. Three of those grass moths are Chrysoteuchia culmella - diagnostic right-angled line near wing tip. The last one is Catoptria margaritella. I'll do the others this evening.

  3. There's also a Clepsis consimilana and Ditula angustiorana