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Sunday, 13 July 2014

I'm in a quandary.

Sam's 2013 moth list shows Dingy Shell as last seen in the county in 2008. I have found a small moth (shown below with very poor quality photos) but it will not oblige by holding its wings open, so I am unsure what the upperside looks like! It seems to match Richard Lewington's illustration in the field guide, however. Is this sufficient to be an acceptable record of the moth? Does anyone know how to get the moth to open its wings without causing injury to it?

N.B.: The moth was found 100 metres, or so, from alders. The collecting tube is 25 mm in diameter.


  1. That's a classic looking Dingy Shell, Steve. Rannoch Looper is only plausible confusion species. Well done!

  2. If worthwhile Sam, a map of this species in Carms may be interesting? I can`t remember if I`ve had it!

  3. You haven't, Ian! There are 44 previous Carms records from 25 sites.

    Fronawel, Trelech SN282302; Coomb Woods SN3314; Cynwyl Elfed, Woods west of SN358276; Cors Goch, Llanllwch SN364185; Nantgwyn, Trawsmawr SN365238; Pembrey Forest SN3803, SN3902 & SN4001; 14 Job's Well Rd, Johnstown SN398198; Llandysul (marshy grassland sw of town) SN410398; Ffrwd Fen N.R. SN420025; Coed Gwempa, Woodland Trust SN4311; Ffos-las SN4605; Brechfa Forest SN511335 & SN583345; Cnwc y Llwyn field SN514310; Penfarch, south of SN535273; Rhos Cefn Bryn N.R., Llwyn-teg SN557073; Llyn Lech Owain CP SN567152; Bryndu-isaf, Maesybont SN572166; Pant-y-ffynnon SN585290; Gelli Aur Country Park SN591198; Derwydd Mansion, Derwydd SN613177; Talley Lakes SN6333; Glynhir Mansion SN639151; 35 Maesquarre Road SN641119; Argothi SN660404; Rhydygroes SN771471