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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Hopping mad

There are no confirmed records of Buttoned Snout from Carmarthenshire, at least not with photographic documentation.  Jon considered two records of larval damage on Hops unproven - they came from SN3613 and SN6210 in 2007 but I don't think the larvae were actually seen.

I have been keeping an eye on a big bank of hops just S of the A48 junction (SN5216) near the Botanic Gardens, and stopped today for a 10 minute bash.  There was abundant Hop, and some holes in the leaves, but no really convincing larval damage and crucially no larvae (really distinctive, with very long hairs).  Rewards came in the form of 8 commonish species of Micro, including Batrachedra praeangusta.

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  1. I`ve since re-looked at the SN61 site (where hop isalso massively abundant at SN623108, just up the road from Pantyffynnon railway station) and found loads of leaf damage by something, but no caterpillars - and I checked in the correct `caterpillar season` for buttoned snout too. So zero evidence so far of the species.
    It`s an extremely easy site to visit...just park the car and cross the road to its N side.
    Have not trapped since NMN - nights too cold and clear...out up the Aman Valley area today.