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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Help! (Please)

I don't get many Waves here (apart from Common, Common White & Riband) but I had two this morning that I'm struggling to put names to and would be grateful for a prompt in the right direction.  Also with two grass moths, I think that they're the same species, probably Crambus pascuella:


  1. My further thoughts about the Waves are that the pale one is a Cream Wave, which I can't recall having recorded before, and the darker-banded one is a Small Fan-footed Wave, which I have had before.

  2. Thinking your first wave is a Lesser Cream Wave and agree with Small Fan-footed waved and pascuella

  3. Thanks Barry. I was wavering over CW/LCW but you're right, size is probably more consistent with the latter.