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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Glynhir, Llandybie

Species counts at Glynhir 2003-2014
pale blue = 1 trap
mid blue = 2 traps
dark blue = 3 traps
Three traps left overnight produced 146 species (1544 individuals - estimates!), those of interest including Ypsolopha ustella 1, Diamond-back Moth 3, Digitivalva pulicariae 2, Pearl-band Grass Veneer 5, Catoptria falsella 1, Dipleurina lacustrata ~300, Eudonia delunella 2, Eudonia mercurella ~400 (I’ve never encountered such large numbers of scoparines!), Cryptoblabes bistriga 1, Oak Hook-tip 10, Barred Hook-tip 1, Pebble Hook-tip 9, Large Emerald 2, Phoenix 1, Barred Rivulet 3, Blomer's Rivulet 4, Magpie Moth 1, Clouded Magpie 35, Tawny-barred Angle 2, Satin Beauty 2, Brussels Lace 1, Black Arches 20, Buff Footman 80, Four-spotted Footman 1 & Double Line 1.
Barred Hook-tip & Oak Hook-tip
Barred Rivulet
Four-spotted Footman
cumulative totals of species recorded at Glynhir 2003-2014


  1. What's the chair for, Barry? I can't believe you find time to sit down!

  2. Nice one again, Barry! Some good moths....I`ve not had barred hook-tip (though I`m sure that I`ll get it somewhere with beech one day). Barred rivulet is another good Carms record.
    For those who don`t know, Barry has been annually trapping at the Glynhir BSBI week for 10 years+ or so.

  3. Sitting comfortably helps focus the brain, as does a nice mug of tea! Ian as you can see, despite the trap having been run in pretty much the same week each year (and I try and chose a good night) results have varied dramatically. The weather of course is hugely influential, as is the is the number of traps - I started off setting just one, but have increased this to two in the last few years, and this year I ran three, so the results are only really indicative.

  4. Interesting as always, Barry - well done. I had a good variety of moths at the home trap last night - will blog later today. Had loads of moths....can`t remember how many exactly, but whatever it was, it`ll be one more than you had!

  5. Really excellent - thanks Barry. Incidentally, the Carms database doesn't have any records from you for 2013, 2012 or 2010.

    I agree about the Scopariines, especially Dipleurina. I see plenty every time I go diurnal mothing, and a recentish stop at one site saw 20-30 jumping off almost every tree! A phenomenal year.