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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Four-spotted Footman

Four-spotted Footman was a very rare migrant in Wales until the early 2000s but now appears to be resident along the coastal strip from Glamorgan to Pembrokeshire with increasing records in coastal Monmouthshire and inland areas throughout the south.  One visited Cnwc last night, only the 2nd I've recorded here in Brechfa (well inland), and like the first one I suspect it's a wanderer inland on a southerly airflow (part of the 'Spanish plume' that the media are linking to our current heatwave). 

Carmarthenshire records (below) suggest this species is resident in the Pwll and Llansteffan areas.  The situation at Pembrey is unclear because trapping no longer occurs there regularly, but the early 2000s records followed by a drop-off in numbers suggest immigration at that time rather than residence (I'm not entirely sure when Jon's regular Pembrey trapping stopped).

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2012 2013 Total
Pembrey Forest 11 5 6 5 1 1 29
Tyrwaun, Pwll 1 3 6 6 5 7 28
Llansteffan 3 1 13 17
14 Job's Well Rd, Johnstown 1 2 3
Ashpits Pond, N of 2 2
Gellywen 2 2
St Anthonys, Llansteffan 2 2
Cnwc y Llwyn 1 1
Nantgwyn, Trawsmawr 1 1
Pembrey Burrows 1 1
Pembrey PO 1 1
Troserch 1 1
Troserch Farm 1 1

The map shows the coastal bias very clearly - smaller symbols indicate 1 or 2 individuals; the medium one indicates 3-5; the larger symbol 5+ individuals.  2014 records are not included.


  1. I trapped here at home on Friday night and had 3 Four-spotted Footman. I'll put pictures up of mine if you want Sam?

  2. Always nice to see pics of this species! Did you catch anything else of note?

  3. The new Moths of Glamorgan shows Gower as a stronghold in that county...probably part of the same general metapopulation as the S Carms coast.

  4. I have had a lot of moths 10 Common Rustic, 7 Dingy Footman, a V-Pug which i thought was a Green Pug, 3 Mother of Pearl, 3 Yellow-tail to name a few, I have a few micro's I can't id so I will post these later.