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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cwmllwyd 26 July 2014

I used both traps last night: the actinic beside the jungliest part of the wet woodland (formerly rhos pasture very many years ago),

while the MV was in the alder grove.

478 moths of 84 species attended (a lot fewer than many on this site have achieved in the current great spell of mothing weather), with 74 species at the MV trap, 45 at the actinic and with 35 species at both traps.

Most interesting moths in the wetland were:

Double Kidney
Common, Buff and Dingy Footman (Footmen, Footmans?), probably the last Double Line of the year, first Willow Beauty and Dun Bar of 2014, second Northern Spinach.

In the alder grove were found:

Garden Rose Tortrix


Ghost Moths (male and female)

Marbled Beauty
Blue-bordered Carpet, Scallop Shell and Six-striped Rustic were FFYs at the MV trap.

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  1. Nice to see the `home habitat` and the good moth shots; I rarely see ghost moths.