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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cwmllwyd 21 July 2014

I put the actinic trap on the edge of the wet woodland "jungle" last night and found 73 moths of 37 species this morning. There were several first Cwmllwyd records, including the following species:

 Poplar Grey - a good stand of aspens can be found on adjacent higher ground.

 Orthotelia sparganella - lots of branched bur-reed in the wetland. Only 6 previously recorded in Carms; last reported in 2008?

The rather strange Honeysuckle Moth Ypsolopha dentella.


  1. Some nice moths Steve! I also trapped last night, as although the skies are (mostly) clear, it`s very warm and therefore worth trapping. I`ll be blogging later.

  2. Just remembered....Barry Stewart had Orthotelia last Friday at Penclacwydd. I`ve not had it though. Nice one!

  3. I wouldn't be too surprised if Barry had ALL the above species during his amazing haul at Penclacwydd, Ian: after all, he caught more species in one night than I have found all year, so far!!!!! Barry 203 - Steve 191 (LOL).

  4. Lol ;-) ... still plenty of new things out there for us all to make discoveries...

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I thought it would be best to remove a highly dubious record, complete with even more dodgy photo: I also deleted a daft comment relating to this.