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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

colourful Carmel catch

Do catches get a bit more colourful at this time of year?  Saturday night produced a large emerald, green silver-lines, garden tiger, gold spot, eyed hawkmoth (first for a few years) and northern spinach. Also this rather striking Crambid Catoptria margaritella


  1. Probably a wanderer from the acidic gritstone ridge just south of your home Mat.

  2. You've stolen my thunder, Mat! I also had Catoptria margaritella in the trap last night, the highlight of an otherwise fairly unremarkable session although numbers were good.

  3. Catoptria margaritella is on the wing in numbers at many bog sites at the moment. Goater suggests it's rather rare, but I see it on almost every bog I survey in Wales. Not a common moth away from bogs, though it does wander a bit.