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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cilycwm - 5/7

A poor night here as well. Thirteen species plus some micros that I've tried to ID but as ever am not sure!

I had an iron prominent, which seems to be in between flight periods?

Also a dotted clay, peppered moth, clouded border, plain golden-y, buff-tip, poplar hawk moth, snout, bright-line brown-eye, heart and dart, rustic, uncertain, dark arches and what I think is a green pug.

These are the micros:

Eudonia lacustrata?
Eudonia lacustrata?

Chrysoteuchia culmella?


  1. Correct on the micros, but the bottom one is a Caddis

  2. Thanks - it had to happen, me trying to ID a caddis as a moth. At least I didn't name it! I went through the micro book about five times! D'oh!

    Yes - I can see that is a V-pug now.

  3. We've probably all done that with Caddis - you would be surprised how many species I've claimed them to be!

  4. The Caddis is a Hydropsyche species (spiralled banding on antennae a useful pointer). Sadly they are all 'dissection jobs'!