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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Cilycwm 25/7

45 species identified and again quite a few that got away. Lots and lots of micros:


Agriphila selasella?

Agapeta hamana?

Red barred tortrix??

Also this footman dingy or buff ?

And finally this looks like it should be in water rather than in my trap. There were 3-4 wriggling about. Any ideas?


  1. The last beastie is a corixid ie a water boatman...not infrequent in traps esp near water.

  2. I had lots in the trap this morning too as well as a couple of aromatic burying beetles

  3. Yes - I thought it was a water boatman but I was very surprised to see them in the trap. I'm revealing my ignorance but I just didn't consider the fact that that could fly. There - I've said it in a public forum!!

  4. Corixa species, water beetles etc are pretty frequent in moth traps, especially on clear (moonlit) nights and if you have a sheet around the trap. They move from pond to pond at night, seeing the trap/sheet as the moon shining off water. IDing it to species would take a really clear photo.

  5. As for the moths: Cydia splendana, Agriphila tristella, Agapeta hamana (yes), Ditula angustiorana (yes, Red-barred Tortrix) and Buff Footman (flat and rather narrow & square-ended)

  6. I think the Agriphila might be selasella - this is a useful link for this tricky pair:

  7. I'm tending to agree now with selasella, thanks Barry. Had one here last night too I think - its waiting in the fridge