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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Catoptria margaritella

The Crambid Catoptria margaritella has been something of a feature of recent blog posts.  The books suggest it's scarce, but I see it on almost every Carmarthenshire bog I visit.  A damp wander over Gweunydd Cochion (S side of Upper Tumble) today produced several.  The map shows all records up to 2013.  Chris and Isabel have scored new 10km records for SN43 and SN73.

Meanwhile, it's 'Moth Night' tonight (so that's why the unbroken sunshine of this summer has come to an end!!), tomorrow and Saturday.  The theme is woodland moths and the Moth Night flyer features 3 woodland species including Blotched Emerald.  Suffice to say, whoever catches one of these new to Carms will be widely feted... here's a photo (from Dingestow, Monmouthshire) in case anyone is worried they'll overlook one!

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  1. I wouldn't call my environment here boggy, Sam; wet underfoot, yes, although not necessarily so in summer. It's been bone dry for some time of late, although the overnight rain (Thursday into Friday), has been sufficient to dampen it a bit. If the foodplant is indeed a moss, it might be difficult for me to establish whether it grows hereabouts, not being too strong on moss identification!