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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Black pepper

Rather late blogging on last Friday's catch at Carmel (11th). FFY rosy footman, satin beauty, twin-spot carpet and others. I was very surprised to catch a dark form peppered moth, the first I've had here (it was actually sitting, rather conspicuously, on the outside of the trap). As I expect you know these were once far commoner in industrial areas like the Black Country (no longer so black, it now seems to be covered in brightly coloured retail parks). Family have recently been down from the Black Country so there is perhaps an outside chance that it hitched a lift. Have others caught them in Carms?  Oddly, a couple of weeks ago friends gave me a copy of 'Of Moths and Men' (a rather inferior pun I would suggest, compared to the standard we have set on this blog). I haven't read it all yet but it appears that not all is as it seems in the classic peppered moth studies of E B Ford et al.  'A riotous story of ambition and deceit' it says on the cover. I'm looking forward to the riotous bit.

The photo does show some scattered white flecking so I'm wondering if it is a true carbonaria or a very dark form of the intermediate insularia ?


  1. Excellent, I've never seen one in Wales, though they do still turn up occasionally in Glamorgan. When I started trapping in Yorkshire in 1990 they were the only form of Peppered Moth I ever saw.


  2. I had one at Parc Slip last night - really smart things

  3. Records of melanic Peppered Moth are:
    Tyrwaun 2007 and 2013
    Pembrey Burrows 2005

    I guess people won't necessarily have made a note though