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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bagworm cases


The Psychidae are rather mysterious moths, which one stumbles across by luck (or careful searching).  I was surprised to spot this Psyche casta case on limestone at Red Chamber, S Gower today; I then noticed another 11 on nearby rocks!  The only Carms records of this species are from Pendine and Pembrey, but there's no reason why they shouldn't be inland as well: I used to see them occasionally stuck to leaves in woodland in Monmouthshire.

There are two other Psychidae on the Carms list.  Luffia ferchaultella was recorded by Barry Stewart from 2 sites near Llanelli in 2005, and I saw one on a lichen-rich Oak trunk at Dinefwr a couple of years back.  Again, there's no reason why Luffia cases shouldn't be more widespread in Carms: I found it on plenty of trees at Dingestow, and also on walls and even an algae-covered trailer!  Diplodoma herminata (laichartingella) was caught by Jon at Trawsmawr in June 1999.

This Pyrausta cingulata was on the Thyme-rich slopes as well.


  1. In Glamorgan Psyche casta seems restricted to Gower and nearby areas. There are historic records from the eastern Glam woodlands but I've never seen it there, despite seeing it regularly in clearings/rides in the Monmouthshire 'Drab Looper' woodlands. Maybe the Glam woodlands have got too shady for it?

    Luffia is common in Cardiff but seems scarcer in the west - it took me a while to find it in Swansea (it is on the trees near the Guildhall). It seems largely coastal in Glamorgan - likes it quite warm I think - so might be scarce or absent inland in Carms?

  2. Thankyou George - useful thoughts and insights.

  3. Yes, another really very useful `tip-off` blog from Sam, and good info too from George. I`ll have to look for it in tropical Pwll!