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Thursday, 3 July 2014

A quick blog from Bynea...

On Tuesday 2/7/14, I left my actinics out in the Glynea farm area at Bynea (SE of Llanelli, SS59) where I`d previously trapped on 20/6/14. The preceding evening was warm and `sticky` so I had `high hopes`, but it became colder overnight and the catches were poor, with only some 35 spp.
Amongst the catch was a blackneck, a noctuid that is not too infrequent along the coast (it feeds on tufted vetch).

I also caught Udea prunalis and another pyralid, the more colourful Endotrichia flammealis (a local coastal species in Carmarthenshire), as well as a garden tiger, dog`s tooth, mottled rustic etc.

Above: Udea prunalis - unfortunately the blinking Endotrichia flew off as I took its photo this morning, in spite of over 24hrs in the fridge! Some pyralids are really restless!

Any` i/d offers` for the micro below please?
Also, if anyone is willing to have a go at some of my micros for 25/6/14 (see blog `Some Morfa Bychan Micros`) - thanks.


  1. Almost certainly a gelechiid with those long swept-back palps, but it's worn and I wouldn't like to say which one.

    I've posted a comment on your 25/6 blog post.

  2. Maybe Blastobasis decolorella?

  3. That was my first thought too, but I think the palps are too long.

  4. It has got a very worn thorax & head though - might that make the palps look oddly long? Probably best abandoned anyway.

  5. The moth has been released to confuse others!