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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wet Night Visitors

I believe that the rain arrived quite late, but it was raining when I rescued the two actinic traps at 4.30am. Fortunately the traps themselves were fairly dry.  The modest catch included two Hadena sp. which I think are Lychnis rather than Campion, but I'm happy to be corrected on that:

A nice example of that fascinating moth, Pale Prominent, the shape of which never ceases to amaze:

And a grey noctuid which is probably a Dusky Brocade because I can't think what else it might be, but confirmation or contrary opinion would be appreciated:


  1. With the usual caveat of waiting for a second opinion re my comments on photos....yes, Chris it does look like a dusky brocade...and it`s too early for the similar confused....

  2. I would confirm that it is a Dusky brocade of which I trapped 3 on Monday night

  3. Yes to the lychnis as well as the dusky brocade

  4. Thanks for the confirmation, guys, it helps the confidence when I get it right!