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Monday, 23 June 2014

The furthest west

There are no moth records from Carmarthenshire's two westernmost 10km squares: the tiny fragments of the county in the Eastern Cleddau valley west of Clunderwen.  Today I made two brief netting stops in lanes north of Bethesda (SN0918) and at Gelli Bridge (SN0819), both currently administered by Pembs County Council but in Vice-county 44 (Carmarthenshire).  All 20 species (17 Micro and 3 Macro) were new for the 10km square! 

Celypha lacunana was much the commonest moth, fluttering chaotically out of tapped hedges.  Highlights were Monochroa tenebrella (SN0918), Pammene regiana (SN0819), Argyresthia bonnetella (SN0819) and Elachista albifrontella (SN0819).  The last of these (photo below) is a contrasty little black & white moth, with a distinctive white head, though like all Elachista it isn't safely IDable with the Field Guide as there are a couple of lookalikes.

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