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Friday, 20 June 2014

The far south-west

I made a brief stop at the Castle Ely layby (SN1910) on my way to a meeting in Pembs today and beat a few trees there.  I stuck to the Carms side of the river/bridge that forms the county boundary.  A beautiful Pammene regiana (9th Carms record, from 6 sites) was the moth highlight, beaten from Sycamore.  All 8 species I recorded were new for the 1km square and the Pammene was new for the 10km; the only previous records from SN1910 were 10 leaf mines I noted there in 2011.

To my astonishment a Sinodendron cylindricum flew in and landed on a fence post.  This is an uncommon dead wood beetle, and I've no idea what it was doing in such an unprepossessing place!  Ian can probably enlighten me on its status in the county.

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  1. Yes, Sinodendron is uncommon in Carms....I`ve had it (from memory) at obvious sites such as Dinefwr, Derwydd and ( I think) Stradey Woods. I`ve also had lesser stag beetle Dorcus parallelipedus from Dinefwr and driftwood accumulations at Pembrey (with the beautiful bee chafer Trichius fasciatus). I`m not aware of any Carms records of the [greater] stag beetle Lucanus cervus.
    Had traps out last night (bit cold!) but some stuff of interest - will blog in due course.