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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Arches....(not `The Archers`!).

Subdued numbers of c 15 spp in the actinic trap at Tyrwaun, Pwll last night (13/6). Amongst the small catch was a grey arches and a nicely-coloured dark arches.

                                          Above and below: grey arches.

......and that nicely-coloured dark arches....
`Big-time` catch-up with the garden this afternoon (as well as a backlog of other chores), but I`ll hope that a hummingbird hawk-moth may pass my way! If any of you fancy a change from night-time trapping, the weather is good for daytime moth recording - you do n`t know what you may chance upon in good habitat!
Look out for chimney sweepers where pignut Conopodium grows....and there are other moth possibilties too.

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  1. You're a tad early to be hoping for (the) Archers' Dart...