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Sunday, 1 June 2014

`Target for Tonight` cancelled....

One of my aims in 2014 is to boost the numbers of moths recorded in SN50, to augment the records made by Colin Jones at Troserch and others elsewhere. Two habitats that will be targetted are bog (with a site at Llwyn-teg, Llannon already arranged) and saltmarsh. For the latter, I`ll be returning to the saltmarshes at Llangennech, an area that I`ve partially trapped at, back in c 2007. Yesterday, I did a `recce` with the intention of trapping tonight, but as there`s both heavy rain forecast at my `putting out time` and also overnight, I`ve now called it off - at least I can avoid one of those extreme mid-summer early starts - bliss!

Above: one of several sub-sites identified as suitable to leave overnight actinics - away from paths and with good `moth habitat visual catchment`.

Above: I hardly saw any leps yesterday (only some small tortoiseshells!), but I did find this attractive and effective wasp-mimic hoverfly - Chrysotoxum cautum. Note the `porrect` (foward-pointing) antennae and only one pair of wings - wasps and other aculeates will have two pairs. A really good book (`British Hoverflies` by Alan Stubbs & Steven Falk) is available for anyone wanting to get into this group of insects....years ago, I found several species of clearwing moths whilst looking for hoverflies!
Keep up the trapping and it`s good that some of you are also taking up `daytime mothing` too.

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