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Friday, 6 June 2014

Some Crychan Puzzlers...

I`d appreciated any advice as to the identity of the following three photos, two tortricids and one caterpillar. As usual, click on photos to enlarge.

                                         1. Above: quite large, almost a cm.
               2. a smaller tort, both specimens were swept from acidic vegetation along the forest rides.
                          3. a more difficult request - beaten from rowan. About 2cms + in length.


  1. Epiblema sp probably scutulana
    Celypha lacunana - it's essential that anyone launching into micros learns this ultra-common Tort. The dark bar across the middle of the wing is broken by a diagnostic pale patch coming in from the head end (the lacuna).
    I don't do green caterpillars - each time I try, using the book, they match a picture perfectly but it always turns out to be Fisher's Estuarine Moth or Tunbridge Wells Gem!

  2. Thanks Sam. Re the caterpillar, it must be the latter!!!....some hope!

  3. Could be a Grass Emerald? Any broom or gorse near-by?

  4. Yes, broom grew all around this particular young rowan!